How long will it take for my order to arrive?

When you approve your order, we’ll give you a “no later than” date when you can expect to receive it. Decorated or not, the shipping times can vary. Some product orders will take a week, others could take 10-15 business days. 

We have multiple shipping options to suit your timeframe, budget, and location. 

We ship via USPS & UPS.  A tracking number will be sent to you shortly after your order has left our facility. Logo Wear Company will not be responsible for shipping transit complications for any reason such as errors, weather, strikes, or otherwise. Shipping time is not included in our turnaround times.

Shipping expenses are the sole responsibility of the client and will be added to your invoice unless otherwise agreed upon prior to your order.

Logo Wear Company assumes no responsibility for goods once they have left our facility.

We will not be responsible for shipping to a wrong address if it was listed on your quote and you failed to correct the address upon quote approval.

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